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amer la riviereAmers of ''Phare des Baleines'' and beach of ''La Conche''


2 strange buildings located on the dune between the Phare des Baleines and the beach La Conche

Amers are fixed and high points, easily identifiable and along the coast to serve as landmarks for sailors.

On the île de Ré, to which access is not always easy due to the presence of rocky and sandy shoals, ''amers'' were important. Windmills, church spiers and buildings scattered along the shore, reported access for avoiding hazardous areas.

  • The Amer de la Rivière  6 meters high, was around 1860, at a time when the dune was not forested like today. It was used alignment point to sailors between the ''Phare des Baleineaux'' and the ''Banc du Bûcheron''.

amer phare des baleines


Origin dates back to the early nineteenth century, located between the ''Phare des Baleines'' and the ''Conche des Baleines'' 


  • The Pyramide des Chaumes is composed of a base and an oblisk 4 meters high.

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