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boue balisageAmerican Beacon failed to St Clément des Baleines

American beacon buoy came to rest 22 february 2014, on the beach between Ars en Ré and St Clément des Baleines.

At its grounding, this tag was equipped with a lantern on which was written  '' US Coast Gard, District 5''. The lantern is a kind of lantern, which search operation alone.

  • US Coast Gard : these are services that oversee sea surveillance in the United States.
  • District 5 : corresponds to the state of North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey.

It weighs 15430 lb. His journey of about 3 730 miles took between 6-8 months.

At present, the Mayor of Ars en Ré has made representations to the US Embassy, to search fot the Port owner.

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