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Ecluse poissonLocks fisch of the Ile de Ré

The lock ''Moufette'' in St Clément

Les locks or fischeries are large fish traps. They are made of dry stone and cemented naturally by oysters and barnacles.
A tide, the fish will penetrate and are trapped lorque sea goes down.

It catches a lot of fish species (bars, orphies, raies, meuils) and crustaceans (bouquets et chancres).

The presence of fish locks on the Ile de Ré is very old, probably in the early Middle Ages. By 1870, there were 140 locks distributed along the rocky shores of the island. But, because of the risks they pose to shipping and after many storms, many of them will be destroyed and not rebuilt. 

The locks have played an undeniable role in coastal protection. In recent years a backup Association of fish locks on the island (ADEPIR) helped maintain and restore several endangered locks.

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